Gate, Fleur de Lis and Rotating Spikes, French Quarter, New Orleans, April 17, 2013


Images copyright 1994-2013 by Louis Maistros.

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2 Responses to Gate, Fleur de Lis and Rotating Spikes, French Quarter, New Orleans, April 17, 2013

  1. Distance Landaverde says:

    You know…all I have to do is look at the photograph and I know its yours that is damn good…How long would you say it took you to develop your own personal style or signature photograph do you think? I love your photos.

  2. Hi Distance, and thanks for your very kind comment! I started taking pics of my home city of New Orleans shortly after Katrina — recognizing how fragile it all was made me want to document it as thoroughly as i could, just in case. It didn’t start out as a very artistic endeavor. About 2 years ago i unconsciously evolved into taking it more seriously as an artform, always surveying my environment for the possibility of accidental art images, of which there are many here. I suppose i have gotten better at it, but it’s been such a gradual process that it’s hard to tell. A lot of what i do is post production stuff — attempting to really bring out what is good about a discovered image. But the most important thing, for me, has been just the ability to recognize the amazing things that we are surrounded by every day. The gate in this picture is something that hundreds of people walk past every day, and i bet few stop to take a photo of it. So if i have a personal style, i think it must be my willingness to walk around with a camera in my pocket at all times, always ready to acknowledge and pay tribute to the beautiful little details in the world that most people fail to see. Thanks again for your kind words!

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