Free Kindle Book, Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories (and Photography), Fiction & Nonfiction, 1994-2012

Dear Friends,

Some news about the ever-evolving literary experiment known as “Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories.” There is no longer a short free version and a longer pay version. Now there is only a best version, and it is free. One caveat about the freeness: Amazon reserves the right to force me to charge money for it — they’ve done that in the past, and might again. Hopefully it will always be free, but just in case: there’s no time like the present.

The new version has some important updates i wanted to let you know about:

1) It includes my tribute to Coco Robicheaux (orignally published in Entrepot Magazine this past Spring). This piece is near and dear to me and was published with Coco’s daughter’s blessing, i hope you enjoy it. If you knew Coco personally, you may want to have some kleenex handy.

2) There are two chapters from the novel-in-progress, Holy Meaux, included. I think you will like these stand-alone chapters. I’d love to know your thoughts as i continue to work towards the completion of this monster, so don’t be shy.

3) This newest version is illustrated with around 125 of my best photographs. The previous illustrated version had less than half that number. I think they add another dimension to the stories and hope you will agree.

4) There’s an interactive table of contents — handy if you want to skip to a particular section or story.

5) Along with the short fiction and nonfiction, you will find some carefully placed letters that i have written to friends over the years, and journal entries that are personal but hopefully relatable to you in some way. All of these pieces are arranged in a way that is meant to make the collection work together as a whole. That, at least, is the idea.

6) And for fans of my previous novel, “The Sound of Building Coffins,” there are a few “lost chapters” included that did not make it into the final version of the novel. These were some of my favorite parts of the book — it was painful to cut them out, and there’s more where that came from. The lost chapters i’ve selected for Anti-requiem work well as stand-alone stories, so you won’t have to read “Coffins” to enjoy them — and, don’t worry, there are no novel spoilers included in these chapters. I was very careful about that.

Sorry, there is no paper version of Anti-requiem. There is also no version for the Nook just yet. But the Kindle version works not only on Kindle — it also works well for iphone, ipad, PC, android devices, etc…

Why is it free? Two reasons. I want to encourage people who have not yet read my work to give it a try, and perhaps pick up a copy of “The Sound of Building Coffins.” And for those who are already familiar with my work, i want you to think of this free book as a most sincere thank you.

Here’s the link to the free download.

These stories, both fiction and nonfiction, follow the events of my life in New Orleans for the last 18 years. It was interesting for me to put it together and see how things have evolved for both myself and the city along the way. I hope you will find it to be an interesting journey, too.

I do ask one tiny favor. If you download it and like it, please consider leaving a kind review to reflect that — or at least click “like” on the purchase page. The problem with these free books is that everyone and there brother will download it because it doesn’t cost anything, but then, when it turns out not to be about the usual clichéd New Orleans tourist-friendly bullshit, certain folks get upset and leave one star reviews saying how “depressing, filthy, and violent” it is (or whatever). I don’t actually mind the bad reviews (i believe they are helpful), but the one-star ratings bring down my average, which affects the title’s visibility. So, don’t lie, but if you really do like it please say so. I would really appreciate it if you would.

Also, if you were to spread the word about this, i’d be very grateful for that, too.

Anyway, thanks for helping to make my 18 year (so far!) New Orleans experience what it has been  — pretty damn great at best, and never boring at worst. And for helping to make whatever it will be, too.

Thanks and love from yr pal,


NOTE: If you have a previous version of Anti-requiem and the site won’t let you download the new version, there are two solutions: 1) Hang tight, you should receive an email from Amazon soon advising you of the update and giving you the option to re-download the new version, or 2) If you don’t want to wait, just send an email to Amazon customer service with your original order number and the book title — they will send the upgrade to your account for free.

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4 Responses to Free Kindle Book, Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories (and Photography), Fiction & Nonfiction, 1994-2012

  1. free penny press says:

    I read this last year (thank you kindly for the free download) and will gladly leave a review .. I also read where you will be reading @ the Gold Mine…Enjoy and early happy Birthday!!

    • Louis Maistros says:

      Hi Lynne — Thank you for the kind words, and the birthday wishes! I hope you’ll download this newest version of Anti-requiem — it has many new additions since the last free version. There is about twice as much text, and around 125 photos. If you try to download it and you get a message saying you already downloaded it, simply send a note to Amazon customer service telling them you would like to download and updated version of a book you already bought — they will send you the new version within 24 hours. Thanks again! Louie

  2. **sidenote** I merely deleted my previous version from my Kindle PC and it let me download the newer version!

    • Hello! That is so strange — i tried to delete it from my device to get the new version, but it still told me no. Then i contacted Amazon customer service and they fixed it for me right away. But also, i expressed concern that my readers didn’t seem able to get the upgrade– they asked me for details about the changes, then assured me they’d reach out to everyone who previously downloaded it by email and give them an opportunity to get the upgraded version. Maybe they have already taken care of it in their mysterious way?

      Either way, i’m glad you have the new version, and thanks so much for blogging about it!!! I so appreciate that.


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