SIZE MATTERS: No High Rise in Marigny! Photo Gallery & Your LAST CHANCE to get involved! #NOLA

The moment of truth is near — and only YOU can stop the impending trend of high rise buildings that may soon be constructed in New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW.

From the Size Matters Official Facebook Page:

TOMORROW (9/6) at 10:00 am — City Council will make the final decision on the Elisio Lofts project, which will greatly impact the future of the Faubourg Marigny. We have less than one day to emphasize the importance of maintaining zoning laws in our neighborhood.

You can still write an opposition letter to your representatives. For more information, please click this link.

Please join us tomorrow at the final City Council decision making meeting to show your support! (9/6 at 10:00am)

“It is not the city’s job to change the rules so people can make more money. On the contrary, it is the city’s job to enforce the rules so everyone is treated equally”

For more information on this controversey, please visit

Also, don’t forget to sign the online petition by clicking here. You don’t have to live in New Orleans to sigh, you only have to love New Orleans to sign!

Many kind thanks to everyone who has supported this worthy cause. New Orleans has been through too much to hand over what we have fought so hard to preserve to profiteers and exploiters who work under the euphemism of “developers” or (gag) “artists with buildings.”

Wish us luck.


Images copyright 1994-2012 by Louis Maistros.

For more unusual New Orleans photography, please visit

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