Size Matters: No High Rise in the Marigny! (Self Portrait in Porkpie Hat) New Orleans, August 13, 2012

Residents of the Marigny are in the latest fight for their neighborhood’s survival as plans for building a high rise condominium — clearly against historic preservation laws, but mysteriously receiving a waiver — becomes perilously close to reality.  Please visit for more information.

If you have any desire to preserve the historic qualities of the Faubourg Marigny and other New Orleans neighborhoods like it (because, beleive me, this will be a slippery slope type situation if it manages to slither past existing preservation regulations), please take the time to sign this petition now. And please pass it on, or repost this blog post at will. You don’t have to be a resident of the Marigny, or even of New Orleans, to sign!

Mark your calendar…

– August 23, 11 AM. This is the big one! The City Council will hear the developer’s appeal against the wise decision of the HDLC (Historic District Landmarks Commission) NOT to approve the waivers required to build this monstrosity. If the appeal is granted by City Council, then the high rise will go up as planned, and you can look forward to similar battles in historic neighborhoods across the City of New Orleans. Don’t let this precedent be set!

Again, please consider signing the petition!

You do not have to live in New Orleans to sign, you only have to love New Orleans to sign!

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4 Responses to Size Matters: No High Rise in the Marigny! (Self Portrait in Porkpie Hat) New Orleans, August 13, 2012

  1. free penny press says:

    Signed, retweeted and passing along.. This would be awful (you did hear me stress the aww-full word i hope)

  2. thanks for the support on this — you are made of pure awesome. it is a very scary situation, there is a lot riding on the futre of new orleans here….

  3. I tried to sign the petition, but it won’t let me because I’m from Canada. I do love New Orleans though. Good luck with the fight.

    • thank you — and i’m sorry to hear it wouldn’t let you sign, i was under the impression all were welcome. maybe it is set up to only accept US residents. i’ll look into that and get back to you. thanks again so much for your support!!!

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