Coco Robiecheaux Tribute Issue of Entrepot Magazine Now Available w/ Contributions by John Sinclair and Louis Maistros


Some of you had expressed interest in this, so i am giving you the official heads up. The issue of Entrepot Litarary Magazine that features my tribute piece to Coco is now out and available. The issue also includes a never before published interview with Coco by the legendary John Sinclair. The photos on the front and back covers are mine, and Coco’s daughter, Heather Nygren, also contributed several wonderful pictures of her dad for the issue — including his high school year book photo. If you knew Coco or was a fan of his music, you should pick up a copy. You should pick up a copy even if you just love New Orleans — because that’s what Coco was really all about.

Entrepot does not have wide distribution, so you have to actually look for it. You can pick it up in person at Crescent City Books, McKeown’s Books, Woodland Patterson Book Center or the Gold Mine Saloon in the French Quarter. You can also order it online by clicking here and scrolling down about halfway down the page. The cost is 4 bucks, postage paid. There were not a lot of copies printed, so grab one soon. I suspect this will be something of a collector’s item some day.

This was a difficult piece for me to write, i hope you like it. It is so strange to be in the midst of French Quarter Festival without Coco performing. That has never happened before.

Entrepot Magazine is a literary journal of New Orleans edited by Geoff Munsterman, and published by Trembling Pillow Press gurus Dave Brinks and Megan Burns. No one makes money from the magazine. It is an ad-free publication. All of the proceeds from sales go towards the production costs of the following issue. Everything about Entrepot is a labor of love.

Thanks from yr pal,


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