Second Line for Coco Robicheaux, Part One, Frenchmen Street to Washington Square Park, New Orleans, 12-12-2011

The second line for Coco was the biggest i have ever attended. There was so much love in the streets of the French Quarter and Marigny, really an amazing thing to be a part of. December 12 was a good day. I took a lot of pics to commemorate the event, will probably post a few at a time in the next week or so.  Here’s a few to start with…

The world famous “Dancing Man” functioned as Grand Marshall. This picture was taken on Frenchmen Street, right outside the Apple Barrel, before the second line began. The Dancing Man really energized the crowd, which began with a handful but rapidly grew. He made sure we knew that we were not there to mourn the death, but to celebrate the life. That is what a second line is really about.

After leaving Frenchmen Street, the parade backtracked a bit to gather steam at Washington Square Park. That is where our numbers really grew. Although the official band was the legendary Treme Brass Band, it seemed nearly everyone in town with a functioning horn came out of the woodwork to play along. The above picture was taken at the swing set/ jungle gym of Washington Square Park, where my kids have come to play since they were very small.

Above is Coco’s lovely daughter Heather, whom my family was honored to host for the weekend. Heather is planning on starting a museum dedicated to Louisiana musicians in her father’s name, and also to plant a tree in commemoration of him in Washington Square Park. Like her dad, she is a kind and gentle soul and full of positive energy.

On our way out of Washington Square Park. From here we hit Royal Street, which would lead us across the French Quarter to the House of Blues. There were lots of signs like this one, showing Coco in good spirits, which felt just right. Whenever you saw one of these it was impossible not to feel his presence very strongly.

The large number of people in this second line became more evident on Royal Street, and of course it kept growing and growing along the way. I haven’t seen a street in the French Quarter this crowded since last Mardi Gras Day. It really was a perfect tribute to Coco. So many people just loved the hell out of him, and you could really feel it.

Like i said, it was a good day.

More pics coming soon. Stay tuned.



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3 Responses to Second Line for Coco Robicheaux, Part One, Frenchmen Street to Washington Square Park, New Orleans, 12-12-2011

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  2. Coco will be missed. It must have been amazing to have been there for the secondline.

  3. Thanks, it really was an incredibly cathartic experience. I know it isn’t the same, but someone posted this clip on youtube that i thought really captured the feeling of the event well:

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