Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories by Louis Maistros (Expanded and Illustrated) Now Available

(For those who are seeing this more than once due to cross posting, please accept my apologies)

Dear Friends,

It’s official, the “secret” writing/photography project i’ve been working on for about a year now is up and available at Thus far it is only available as a Kindle ebook (which shouldn’t be a problem since the Kindle apps seem to cover every major reading device except for the Nook– I am working on availability for the Nook as well, so hang tight if you have one of those).

The good news is it is super cheap at $3.50.

The collection is called “Anti-requiem Redux: New Orleans Stories (Expanded and Illustrated).” Yes, a mouthful, sorry. For those who downloaded my free ebook, “Anti-requiem,” this will be a nice compliment/continuation of that. In fact, everything that was in the original Anti-requiem is also included in Anti-requiem Redux, there’s just a lot more. Not only is there over twice as much text, but also over 50 original photographs, some of which have never been seen before. Also, this newer edition includes a fully interactive table of contents so you can more easily zip around to the chapters that look more interesting to you. Click here to go to the title’s Amazon page where you can peruse the table of contents — this will give you a better idea of what it’s all about.

For those who have been asking about the novel i am currently working on, included in this collection is “Charity Hospital,” a chapter from that novel in progress, Holy Meaux. It is a scene that takes place at New Orleans’ famous/infamous Charity Hospital emergency room on a brutally hot Saturday night in 1963. I hope this will be as fun to read as it was to write. There are also a few “deleted chapters” from The Sound of Building Coffins included, which may be of interest to people who enjoyed that novel.

Unlike the original Anti-requiem collection, this edition has many previously unpublished pieces. As i tried to make it a collection that would tell my own New Orleans story of the last 16 years, i realized i had to start getting more personal, and so have included some letters i wrote to friends from over the years, as well as some entries from a journal that i kept for my son, Booker, when he was a baby. At first i was afraid this stuff might be too rough to publish, but as i was sifting through it all i was surprised to find that a lot of these more private sources contained some of my best writing.

Bloggers and newspaper reviewers: i would love to send you a copy free of charge. Just send me a note and it’s done. The only fly in the ketchup there is that Kindle does not allow free copies of any sort (review copies included), so i will have to send you a PDF file. It’s all the same stuff, just a slightly different format.

I most sincerely appreciate the support of so many who have shown an interest in my writing. Truly, your kind support is always a happy surprise for me. If you download this book and enjoy it, i hope you will consider telling a friend about it, or maybe writing a short review on amazon, or even just click “like.” Also, please feel free to share this note on your own facebook page if you think some of your friends might be interested.

Thanks again, everyone.

Yr pal,


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2 Responses to Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories by Louis Maistros (Expanded and Illustrated) Now Available

  1. Bill Chance says:

    This looks great – I’m going right over to Amazon and buy your book. I’ll write a review when I’ve read it.

    I have a deep love for New Orleans and am blogging photographs I took on my last visit (my son goes to school there). I’m working on my own Kindle book of short stories – I’m excited about ebook self-publishing as the future of literature.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks, Bill! I look forward to your ebook as well (send me a link when it is out). Yes, this e-publishing phenomenon is pretty terrific. It seems to be unfolding in a way that primarily benefits the reader and the writer, which is the way it ought to be if you ask me. Thanks again for your kind words and all best wishes from New Orleans, Louie

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