Pardon this interruption…

Yes, i know this is supposed to be a photo blog, at least that’s what it’s been lately, but since the news isn’t covering the news i figured it’s important that the rest of us at least try.

Look at this. Look real hard. Play it back and make sure you are seeing what you think you are seeing. The bad news is that you are.

This is upsetting. Especially if you have a teenage or young adult daughter (like i do).

CNN couldn’t fit this into their coverage, however, because of these more important stories that are on their front page right now:

* Mexico’s 1930 census going online
* Scarlett Johansson on her privacy
* Ben & Jerry’s sells ‘Schweddy Balls’
* Ted Williams, John Updike at bat
* Notre Dame wins, but … SI | Scores
* Will book of butts be a best-seller?
* Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels on display
* Jesse James, Kat Von D split

How can this be so? Could it possibly be because Wall Street owns the mainstream media? Where is the president? No comment? Really?

Please seek out clips like this on youtube or facebook or wherever and pass them around as much as you can. Do it for your daughter or son. This police brutality against children will not stand — unless we let it.

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